What Is The Sin Against The Holy Spirit?

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Is Jesus Christ Yahweh?


There is much debate on how Jesus fits in with God; is He God, a god, deity or merely divine? The New Testament looks at this question from different angles, in this study we will compare the Jesus of the New Testament with Yahweh of the Old. The result is more than interesting… Continue Reading…

Is Jesus The “I Am” of The Old Testament?


Most Christians understand that Jesus is God in some way or another, but how does He relate to the God revealed in the Old Testament who He claimed was His Father? In the first of 2 short studies we will look at how this question is answered by the New Testament writers, starting today with the apostle John. Continue Reading…

Seriously… Can We Really Do Greater Works Than Jesus?


 For generations Christians have argued about the reality of miracles; some accept that Jesus and the first apostles could do them, but reject any modern manifestations; others embrace the miraculous as a modern day reality, sometimes being accused of deception or some other dark art. There are all sorts of arguments, but let’s focus on one of Jesus’ most extraordinary statements which is found in John 14:12; He seems to be saying that anyone who believes in Him can in fact do even greater works than Him, and let’s face it, the raising of Lazarus, turning water into wine and walking on water will take some beating. So just how are those of us in the 21st century supposed to understand this? Continue Reading…

Is Jesus God?

grunge background with copy space for your textThat might sound a bit of a silly question, but I am not sure how many believers can actually give a definitive answer and explain their reasoning. Some might say Jesus is God as is the Father, some say He was made by God before creation, or even one of many who have attained to some level of divinity. But what does the Bible actually say?
Continue Reading…

How the Seven Year Tribulation is doing damage today.



WARNING! I might rant a bit here, but you will see why… Anyone who follows my Facebook pages will know that I am a great fan of Open Doors and the amazing work they do. Thanks to them and other outstanding organisations like them, the plight of Christians being imprisoned, tortured and murdered comes to our attention, or at least to some of us, and with our support they are able to do something about it. Continue Reading…

Things We Really Need To Know About The Ascension

ascension7Most Christians are familiar with the main facts of Jesus’ life on earth; He was born, did some miracles, died on a cross, rose again three days later, and finally went back to heaven. Whilst there is nothing wrong with our chronology, I do believe that there has been a massive lack of understanding when it comes to what these events really mean. Saying the ascension was simply when Jesus went back to heaven is like saying the Magna Carta and the United States Declaration of Independence are just a couple of old documents. The meaning behind these and the impact on the world are immense, but the meaning of the ascension goes to a whole other dimension of significance.

Most of us will have seen pictures of Jesus being taken into the sky and disappearing into the clouds, with the disciples left staring until they are given an angelic wake up call and the promise that Jesus will return in the same way. From this scene we are lead to believe that Jesus is now ‘up’ in heaven, waiting for the time on God’s calendar to come back down again to wrap everything up, but there is so much more. Continue Reading…

Four Reasons To Trust The Bible


Many of us who call ourselves Christians came to faith in Jesus Christ through what can be called a subjective experience; we had a vision, a dream or some such thing. The problem here is that whilst what happened was enough to bring us to faith, it isn’t really something we can pass on to others, and if we are not careful we can struggle to give a reasoned answer for our trust in Jesus. The same can be true for second generation Christians who have known nothing but Jesus; how can they know that Jesus is who He says He is, or that the Bible is real? After all doesn’t every faith claim to be ‘the way’ and the ‘truth’.

Here are four things the Bible gives us that are ‘objective’ reasons that it is what it claims to be – the Word of God. Continue Reading…

Reasons Why I Believe In A Six Day Creation

Is a Christian who believes in creation a religious simpleton, and does the New testament offer any support to the creation account found in the book of Genesis?

Of all the topics that create controversy, the creation/ evolution debate must be amongst the most heated. Continue Reading…

My Letter To The King James Version


Dear KJV,

It has been a while since we have been together, but I thought it important to get in touch and make my feelings known. You were after all my first, and whilst there have been others since we went our separate ways you have left an indelible mark on my heart – to this day I still quote verses in your vernacular.

Truth be told, you changed the world; for the first time the common people could read God’s written revelation for themselves. Of course you got it wrong at times, but between you and the reformation the truth of the Gospel swept the planet; the Wesleys, Spurgeon and countless others took your message of saving grace into the hearts and lives of millions of ordinary people. Grandmothers and school children could memorise and meditate on the words of Jesus Himself, and for that I thank you. Continue Reading…

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