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I want to share the Good News as much as I can and a Facebook page is yet another way. These posts are viewed by people all over the world and hopefully the new page will help folk who visit this site get to know each other; the more we can encourage and strengthen one another the better.

There will be encouragements, book suggestions, testimonies, links to helpful sites and probably some silliness :-P

I think it is worth mentioning the title “More Than Church” I chose it not because I am anti church, in fact precisely the opposite is true, but because we need to understand that the Church is defined by who Jesus is and not our denomination or style of fellowship, no matter how wonderful it may be. The church is not a Jesus fan club, but His body, God’s people, a holy nation called to be the light of the world in Jesus’ name.

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3 Things Jesus’ Resurrection Means To Us Today


 The resurrection of Jesus Christ is so much more than a cosy spiritual concept or the assurance of an after life. Of course the spiritual dimension is huge, and while it does guarantee both life after death and a personal resurrection; Jesus’ bodily resurrection has an equally important impact on the way we see the world and live our lives in the here and now. Continue Reading…

3pm, Friday 3rd April, 33AD – The Messiah Died




Just in case you forgot! I know everyday is the Lord’s and we remember Him moment by moment, but I can’t get over this time of year. I mean, God became a man whilst staying God and being man; and then He went on to pull off the most audacious rescue in all eternity. Forget muscly hero bursting in with big guns and clenched fists – this rescue was on a scale and dimension we can only point to. God went to a cross and died.

Jesus is the true passover lamb, and however you end up spending this Good Friday don’t forget to pause for just a moment to remember that God died so that we don’t have to. Once He was on the cross that was it for sin and death…

Talk more on Sunday.

Go well my friends :-D

Jesus is Alive – So What?


So many great minds have rejected the literal resurrection of Jesus from the dead; is it really something we should take seriously? After all, hasn’t science proven that dead people are just that – dead, and they don’t come back?

People have struggled with the resurrection of Jesus from day 1 (or day 3 if you prefer). The Jewish leaders bribed the gobsmacked Roman guards who had been flattened by the angelic presence as the world’s Messiah came striding back from death itself. Others have argued that the resurrection was a grief inspired hallucination, or it was simply a lie to build and reinforce a draconian religion that preyed on the vulnerable. Even today some churchgoers would argue that it is a mistake to take the resurrection literally, as though it was our generation who had discovered that dead people don’t tend to come back. Continue Reading…

Easter – Pagan Festival?


The chocolate eggs, rabbits and Easter cards have been with us since February, and now the time is almost here it will be to a lot of people be a big ‘so what’. Even many Christians are uncertain about it; the very word Easter has it roots in paganism and fertility rights, hence the eggs and the rabbits. 

So, why do a whole load of Christians get excited about a pagan festival?  I believe that it is all to do with meaning, the meaning and emotion that we attach to a word or season. The word Christmas for example is loaded with meaning, even the most hardened atheist can feel something at the thought of Christmas, the joy of the family getting together or the hedonistic delight of the office party. And so it is with Easter, we can attach anything or nothing to the word and the season. Continue Reading…

The Hidden Reality of Christian Home Schools


There have been a few high profile cases about some of the horrors that take place behind the closed doors of some religious homes; we see children locked in their rooms, abusive discipline, girls going uneducated and religious indoctrination on a grotesque scale. It is time to take the lid off and see what is really going on.

The truth is that there are some terrible things being done in the name of Christianity and education, and the parents who are guilty are rightly being brought to trial; but having said that there are parents who send their children to state schools who are simply appalling when it comes to raising their children. A number of teachers have an acronym they use when dealing with the fall out that inevitably erupts when dealing with these cases – PPPS (Pathetically Poor Parenting Syndrome), there are other less polite adjectives that they often use. Continue Reading…

David & Goliath; So What?


What has a shepherd boy chopping off the head of a supposed giant about 3,000 years ago got to do with us in the 21st century? Is it any wonder that so many Christians are abandoning the Bible as their source of truth; after all how can there be any connection between us and an Iron Age culture from the Middle East, surely it is irrelevant, isn’t it? 

Of course is you have read any of my posts you know that I take the Bible very seriously, but the above question is fair. I think the disconnect comes from a general misunderstanding of what the Gospel is; but once we start to see the big picture all those ‘Sunday School Stories’ start to become very relevant. Continue Reading…

Are We Sons or Servants?


There appears to be a bit of a debate going on about whether Christians are sons and daughters of God or merely servants. It is an important distinction, because how we see ourselves will determine to a large extent how we live and what we will expect from God.

NB When we talk about sons in this context we are speaking of a position rather than a gender. To all the ladies, you can call yourself a son or a daughter – we (and the New Testament) are discussing our standing before God and not our genders.

Before we examine ourselves, how did Jesus view Himself? Well, He did say He came not to be served but to serve (Matthew 20:28). Paul tells us that Jesus, though God took on the form of a servant and it was through His obedience that Jesus was able to ascend and receive all authority in both heaven and earth (Philippians 2:5-11). Continue Reading…

Should We Read The Bible Literally?


With the madness of religious fundamentalism as prominent today as it has ever been, should serious Christians take the Bible literally?

 The truth is that no one takes the whole Bible literally, even those who say they do. When did you last see someone chop their hands off when they sinned or poke their eyes out when they looked lustfully at something? (Matthew 5:30) Having said that, is the Bible true?

I want this to be a short post, so the answer is yes?

The Bible isn’t always literally true, but it is true literally.

There is a lot of debate about how we are to interpret the truth of the Bible; for example I personally believe in a literal six day creation, many Christians believe it is a truth literally, not a literal truth. Some people think there is a literal 144,000 witnesses in the book of Revelation, other of us think it is symbolic pointing to a literal truth. 

Continue Reading…

New Creation


Ghana LeadersDuring my recent trip to Ghana I had four days of teaching/ question and answers. The meetings were really dynamic, with people asking great questions and me attempting to do them justice with a proper answer. My voice was not in a good place on the first day, and the recording is not brilliant, but the sound man did a great job with the equipment and conditions. This is the first part of session 1, and we are talking about New Creation. Enjoy! :-D

You can stream of download the message using the player below.

I have discovered a glitch, so sorry; the audio doesn’t start until 3 mins 14 sec’s. I have to work harder on the techie side.


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