About This Site



My entire Christian journey of 33 years has been to know the reality of Jesus in my life and help others do thesame. This is not a place for sacred cows (they tend to get barbecued); on this site there are among other things, posts on women’s equality, who the antichrist is, Christian education, the grace of God and the church.I do suffer from an unrelenting passion to see people freed from condemnation and oppression by the outrageous Gospel of Jesus the Messiah, and that has taken me around the world. You might well find a challenge in some of the posts, but there will be no condemnation. Through the cross of Jesus God condemned sin in the flesh and invites us to live and minister as part of His new creation – which, the more you get to know it, the more mind blowing it becomes.If you enjoy or find anything here helpful please share them, and be sure to put your email address in the sign up box; that will ensure you get all the latest posts sent to your inbox.

Finally a little about me, I have been married to Sandra for 33 years (yes she does deserve some kind of an award), we have four children and four grandchildren.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting.