So Here It Is, Merry Advent…



Oh Come EmmanuelMerry Advent!

What is advent anyway?

At the risk of sounding nerdy, the word comes from the latin meaning, coming; which in turn, comes from the Greek word, parousia, which the New Testament uses to describe the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. It is traditionally a season where Western churches anticipate the nativity celebrations and Jesus’ eventual reappearing.

For the rest of us, it’s the beginning of the Christmas season. Read more

Christmas Thoughts That Make Your Head Go ‘Tilt’.

 Okay, so I actually like Christmas – I know I’m not supposed to, I am after all middle aged, supposedly grumpy and beyond all that sentimental stuff. In a way I suppose I am, but the thing about Christmas is that there is a truly awesome reality behind it. Just like Easter or Pentecost the celebrations are just the shadow that speaks of a reality that has forever altered the course of time, space and all creation. Read more