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There is seems to be much confusion as to where the law of Moses fits in the life of the believer – to cut a long story short, it doesn’t. But to help bring understanding I thought it would be good to let the Bible speak for itself, here are a list of Scriptures that explain what the law is about; I will be doing some videos on a number of these. I have to say thanks to Phil Drysdale for the inspiration behind these, his site is definitely worth checking out.


All the Scriptures are from the NAS, but you can have fun looking at different translations.

Reveals sin but can’t fix it

…because by the works of the Law no flesh will be justified in His sight ; for through the Law comes the knowledge of sin. (Romans 3:20)


The law is good, perfect and holy but cannot help you be good, perfect or holy.

 7 What shall we say then ? Is the Law sin ? May it never be! On the contrary, I would not have come to know sin except through the Law ; for I would not have known about coveting if the Law had not said, “YOU SHALL NOT COVET.” 8 But sin, taking opportunity through the commandment, produced in me coveting of every kind ; for apart from the Law sin is dead. 9 I was once alive apart from the Law ; but when the commandment came, sin became alive and I died ; 10 and this commandment, which was to result in life, proved to result in death for me; 11 for sin, taking an opportunity through the commandment, deceived me and through it killed me. 12 So then, the Law is holy, and the commandment is holy and righteous and good. (Romans 7:7-12)


The law is weak.

2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death. 3 For what the Law could not do, weak as it was through the flesh, God did: sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and as an offering for sin, He condemned sin in the flesh, (Romans 8:2-3)


The law is weak, useless and makes nothing perfect.

18 For, on the one hand, there is a setting aside of a former commandment because of its weakness and uselessness 19 (for the Law made nothing perfect ), and on the other hand there is a bringing in of a better hope, through which we draw near to God. (Hebrews 7:18-19) 


The law justifies nobody.

16 nevertheless knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the Law but through faith in Christ Jesus, even we have believed in Christ Jesus, so that we may be justified by faith in Christ and not by the works of the Law ; since by the works of the Law no flesh will be justified. (Galatians 2:16) 


If the law worked God would have used it to save us.

21 Is the Law then contrary to the promises of God ? May it never be! For if a law had been given which was able to impart life, then righteousness would indeed have been based on law. (Galatians 3:21) 


The law is only good if used in the right context.

8 But we know that the Law is good, if one uses it lawfully, 9 realizing the fact that law is not made for a righteous person, but for those who are lawless and rebellious, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and profane, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers 10 and immoral men and homosexuals and kidnappers and liars and perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound teaching, (1 Timothy 1:8-10)


 It is only a shadow of good things to come and will never make someone perfect.

1 For the Law, since it has only a shadow of the good things to come and not the very form of things, can never, by the same sacrifices which they offer continually year by year, make perfect those who draw near. (Hebrews 10:1) 


The law brings wrath upon those who follow it.

15 for the Law brings about wrath, but where there is no law, there also is no violation. (Romans 4:15)


The purpose of the law was to increase sin.

20 The Law came in so that the transgression would increase; but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more, (Romans 5:20) 


The law curses all who practice it and fail to do it perfectly.

10 For as many as are of the works of the Law are under a curse; for it is written, “CURSED IS EVERYONE WHO DOES NOT ABIDE BY ALL THINGS WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF THE LAW, TO PERFORM (Galatians 3:10) 


 The law was a curse that Christ redeemed us from.

13 Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law, having become a curse for us-for it is written, “CURSED IS EVERYONE WHO HANGS ON A TREE “

(Galatians 3:13) 


The law which promises life only brings death through sin.

10 and this commandment, which was to result in life, proved to result in death for me; (Romans 7:10) 


7 But if the ministry of death, in letters engraved on stones, came with glory, so that the sons of Israel could not look intently at the face of Moses because of the glory of his face, fading as it was, (2 Corinthians 3:7) 


 The law makes you sinful

13 Therefore did that which is good become a cause of death for me? May it never be! Rather it was sin, in order that it might be shown to be sin by effecting my death through that which is good, so that through the commandment sin would become utterly sinful. (Romans 7:13) 


The law strengthens sin

56 The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law; (1 Corinthians 15:56)


The law is a ministry of condemnation.

9 For if the ministry of condemnation has glory, much more does the ministry of righteousness abound in glory. (2 Corinthians 3:9) 


 Anywhere the law is preached it hardens hearts & minds

14 But their minds were hardened; for until this very day at the reading of the old covenant the same veil remains un-lifted, because it is removed in Christ. 15 But to this day whenever Moses is read, a veil lies over their heart;

(2 Corinthians 3:14-15) 


The law frustrates grace

21 “I do not nullify the grace of God, for if righteousness comes through the Law, then Christ died needlessly.” (Galatians 2:21) 


To go back to the law after embracing faith is “stupid”.

1 You foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you, before whose eyes Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified? (Galatians 3:1) 


The law is an unbearable yoke.

10 “Now therefore why do you put God to the test by placing upon the neck of the disciples a yoke which neither our fathers nor we have been able to bear? (Acts 15:10)


The law was our prison.

23 But before faith came, we were kept in custody under the law, being shut up to the faith which was later to be revealed. (Galatians 3:23) 


The law makes you a slave like Hagar.

24 This is allegorically speaking, for these women are two covenants : one proceeding from Mount Sinai bearing children who are to be slaves ; she is Hagar. (Galatians 4:24)  


If the law worked then faith would be irrelevant.

14 For if those who are of the Law are heirs, faith is made void and the promise is nullified (Romans 4:14) 


The law has nothing to do with faith.

12 However, the Law is not of faith; on the contrary, “HE WHO PRACTICES THEM SHALL LIVE BY THEM.” (Galatians 3:11-12) 


The law was a schoolmaster

24 Therefore the Law has become our tutor to lead us to Christ, so that we may be justified by faith. 25 But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a tutor. (Galatians 3:24-25)


Believers are not under the law

For sin shall not be master over you, for you are not under law but under grace. (Romans 6:14)


Christians have been delivered from the law.

1 Or do you not know, brethren (for I am speaking to those who know the law ), that the law has jurisdiction over a person as long as he lives ? 2 For the married woman is bound by law to her husband while he is living ; but if her husband dies, she is released from the law concerning the husband. 3 So then, if while her husband is living she is joined to another man, she shall be called an adulteress ; but if her husband dies, she is free from the law, so that she is not an adulteress though she is joined to another man. 4 Therefore, my brethren, you also were made to die to the Law through the body of Christ, so that you might be joined to another, to Him who was raised from the dead, in order that we might bear fruit for God. 5 For while we were in the flesh, the sinful passions, which were aroused by the Law, were at work in the members of our body to bear fruit for death. 6 But now we have been released from the Law, having died to that by which we were bound, so that we serve in newness of the Spirit and not in oldness of the letter. (Romans 7:1-6) 


 Christians are dead to the law

For through the Law I died to the Law, so that I might live to God.

(Galatians 2:19)


Has no comparative glory and was fading

 10 For indeed what had glory, in this case has no glory because of the glory that surpasses it. 11 For if that which fades away was with glory, much more that which remains is in glory. (2 Corinthians 3:10-11) 


The law was temporary

16 Now the promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed. He does not say, “And to seeds,” as referring to many, but rather to one, “And to your seed,” that is, Christ. 17 What I am saying is this : the Law, which came four hundred and thirty years later, does not invalidate a covenant previously ratified by God, so as to nullify the promise. 18 For if the inheritance is based on law, it is no longer based on a promise ; but God has granted it to Abraham by means of a promise. 19 Why the Law then ? It was added because of transgressions, having been ordained through angels by the agency of a mediator, until the seed would come to whom the promise had been made. (Galatians 3:16-19, also see… Matthew 11:12-13, Luke 16:16) 


God has found fault with it and created a better covenant

7 For if that first covenant had been faultless, there would have been no occasion sought for a second. 8 For finding fault with them, He says, “BEHOLD, DAYS ARE COMING, SAYS THE LORD, WHEN I WILL EFFECT A NEW COVENANT WITH THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL AND WITH THE HOUSE OF JUDAH; (Hebrews 8:7-8) 


Jesus abolished the law

15 by abolishing in His flesh the enmity, which is the Law of commandments contained in ordinances, so that in Himself He might make the two into one new man, thus establishing peace, (Ephesians 2:15) 


Paul considered what the law gave him as ‘doo doo’ (“skybalon”)

 4 although I myself might have confidence even in the flesh. If anyone else has a mind to put confidence in the flesh, I far more : 5 circumcised the eighth day, of the nation of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, a Hebrew of Hebrews ; as to the Law, a Pharisee ; 6 as to zeal, a persecutor of the church ; as to the righteousness which is in the Law, found blameless. 7 But whatever things were gain to me, those things I have counted as loss for the sake of Christ. 8 More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but rubbish so that I may gain Christ, (Philippians 3:4-8)



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2 thoughts on “We Are Free From The Law

  • October 21, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    Thanks so much for the shout out Mark. This is one of the most important messages for the body of Christ to grasp. I’m certain that this post will bless countless people as they continue to discover the freedom Chrsit has brought them into and they learn to walk in the Spirit and not the law.

    • Mark Neale
      October 21, 2013 at 3:23 pm

      Thanks Phil, I spent too many years poisoning the Gospel with law. The rest of my life will be spent doing the opposite, what’s more, life is so much better without all those burdens 😀


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