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Everything on this website is to help equip believers and seekers to know God more and fulfil the calling He has placed on their lives. The reason for the tag line, “More than church” is that people often confuse organisations, traditions and culture with the reality of Jesus. Whatever your church experience, good, bad or indifferent, God is more than that – you are not called to a second hand experience of God through a third party, but a first hand experience of His Spirit, filled with all the joys, troubles and wonder that an adventure of this magnitude can bring.

Finally a little about me, I have been married to Sandra for 33 years (yes she does deserve some kind of an award), we have four children and six grandchildren. I can boast all kinds of difficulties, complications and failures in my life (the overwhelming majority being my fault), as well as the privilege of travelling internationally with the Good News of Jesus.

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