empty-tomb-of-jesusI can’t do this post justice. God planned from eternity the resurrection of Jesus, I am about to fly out to work with a school in Italy and have left myself about 5 minutes for this post. Good job I wasn’t on the heavenly planning committee for the resurrection.

Ever since that Sunday 2000 year ago people have been trying to disprove the resurrection, but of course they can’t. Believing in Jesus and what he did isn’t like believing in fairies, there is no superstition involved. Our faith is opened eyed and rooted in reality.

History proves that Jesus lived and died; the only rational explanation to what happened next and the 3 billion people who follow him today, is that Jesus rose from the dead as he said he would.

What does that mean to us? Here are the headlines on the greatest work of God:

  • Sins are forgiven – anyone can receive forgiveness from the God who loved them before they were created.
  • The powers are defeated – Satan and his cohorts were defeated by the weakness of God (think on that one when you can’t sleep).
  • New creation has started – Forgiveness, new creation and resurrection are really part of the same thought and they were proven and initiated when Jesus rose from the dead.
  • Hope for all – Jesus’ resurrection means that the plan worked and that anyone anywhere can know God in the knowledge that they too will have a resurrection when the material realm is restored.
  • Though we die, yet shall we live – that is about as good as it gets! Death no longer has the victory, the battle is won and our future guaranteed.

The hope Easter brings is off the scale, and I would like to leave you with this paraphrase of something JJI Packer wrote – When God is holding you, you are not strong enough to break away.

Love and blessings my friends 😀

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