Why Do Drug Lords Have Nice Cars?


“Good behaviour attracts blessing”  is a phrase that someone used in Google that led him or her to this site. But that being the case, why do drug lords have nice cars?

I understand where they are coming from, after all everyone wants to enjoy blessings, and if there is a key to receiving them then lets go for it. But is it that straightforward, if I do good, good comes; but if I do bad bad things happen? Read more

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You Are Already Blessed – Last in series

blessed editThis is the final part in our series about the reality, that because we in Christ we are already blessed. Ephesians chapter 1 is a an amazing torrent of praise and revelation about the staggering work that Jesus did for us through His death and resurrection. In this program we focus on the fact that we are sealed, that as a part of His New Creation God has put His mark of ownership on us.

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I’m Back On The Radio

Premier Logo


Okay, it’s not a national FM station but it is a start.

Having prayed for ten years, the owner received an outstanding miracle in the way he obtained a license to broadcast on Freeview and to have a TV channel – these aren’t running yet, but let’s not despise the day of small beginnings.

Premier Live Radio is currently a start up radio station that began a couple of months ago with just six listeners, but now has over 200 followers. There is no doubt that if the numbers continue to multiply at that rate, there will be a substantial audience.

Yours truly has a 3 minute spot every morning at 7:30am GMT and then a half hour on Sunday at 8:00am and Monday at 6:30pm GMT.

The 3 minute programs are already running and based on my coaching and mentoring material, whilst the half hour programs are Bible teaching that is designed to bring confidence and freedom.

The website is currently like a house that is being renovated, lots of potential, but not a lot working. It is usable, but no where near finished. However, if you click on the Live Radio tab you can listen where ever you are in the world. Alternatively, Premier Live Radio also broadcasts over the Tune In app.

Please pray for this exciting venture. The initial response to both of my programs has been very positive, and as always the goal is to equip the saints  so that the outstanding Good News of Jesus Christ is heard the world over.

Go well my friends. 😀


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Husbands, Wives, Authority & Submission



“Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord.” Eph 5:22. There it is, that settles it, it’s in black and white, husbands have authority over wives, no argument… right?

I have heard this case put forward many times over the years, but is it what the Bible really says? Let’s have a look. Read more

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The God Who Camps With His People


 I hear of some Christians, who disregard or dislike the Old Testament, they say things like “God is so angry” or “God is so unjust in His treatment of people”. When people say this to try and undermine the Scripture, what they tell me is that they don’t understand the Old Testament, and confuse their ignorance with God’s character. The reality is of course that the Old Testament contains the history, reason and revelation of the New, and as we understand more about it, the New Testament starts to stand out in vivid multi-dimensional colour.

The writers of the New Testament really knew what they were doing and were capable of using individual words to convey a truckload of imagery and meaning, which can empower us to really grasp the magnitude of what God has done. A great example of this is in John 1:14, where we read that Jesus “made His dwelling among us” NIV, or as the ESV says “dwelt among us”. Clearly, this is amazingly good news, but if we look a little deeper the picture becomes even more exciting. Read more

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Good Game? I Don’t Think So…

Bruce Forsythe

Bruce Forsythe has added his name to the growing list of celebs and politicians who want to be able to put people down. Whilst his comments seem to come from a concern for the suffering of the individual, he, just like  the others is very misguided.

My beautiful mother in-law is 85 this year and has Alzheimers; we have prayed for her and are grateful that she has improved in some areas, she has regained her cheeky sense of humour and a desire for life, she wants to live until she is 100. According to Baroness Warnock, this beautiful lady should do her duty and be “put down” as she is a burden on her family and society.

In a recent survey among doctors in the Netherlands, where euthanasia is legal, 40% of them said they could conceive of ‘assisting’ someone with early stage dementia. The question is, how vulnerable are these people, could they be persuaded that it was for the best, could corners be cut and any legal safeguards be circumvented? Of course! It is already happening on the continent, and those of us in other countries need to stand our ground on this one.

In the UK, medical staff are already being disciplined over their views on abortion. Imagine this nightmare playing out in the media.

The reality is, if we want to live in accordance with God’s kingdom, then we will have to bear one anothers burdens (Gal 6:2). The desire to abort the mentally ill is one of the most vile and extreme manifestations of what the Bible calls the flesh – the self centred, make my life easy desire that drives the world. How a society treats its most vulnerable is the measure of its people.

As believers we need to be careful that we are not squeezed into the mould of atheistic thinking that states we are simply a collection of elements that needs to be recycled. Human beings are made in the image of God, it was God who breathed into us and we do not have the right to extinguish that breath in the name of convenience.

We demonstrate God’s kingdom by living according to His values and desires

Is it difficult and expensive to care for people? Do we face terribly difficult decisions when it comes to the care of others? Yes! We live in a broken world that is longing for the appearing of the Lord Jesus so that everything that is broken will be put right. Until then, we demonstrate God’s kingdom by living according to His values and desires, and not those of selfishness and convenience.

Go well my friends.


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What Is Truly Worth Dying For?


It’s no good; I have to come clean about what I really believe.

I have been a Christian for over 30 years, and the last few years have been difficult. In that time I have read and studied quite a lot, I have connected with people with all sorts of views about God and the Bible; I have read books from Catholics to Charismatics, Calvinists to Wesleyans and many in between.

In one sense I pushed everything I believed off the table and started again, not accepting my beliefs at face value, but challenging every assumption and trying to think them through. I have found there were things I believed because I assumed it, people told me it was so, or it was simply convenient. Read more

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