Four Reasons To Trust The Bible


Many of us who call ourselves Christians came to faith in Jesus Christ through what can be called a subjective experience; we had a vision, a dream or some such thing. The problem here is that whilst what happened was enough to bring us to faith, it isn’t really something we can pass on to others, and if we are not careful we can struggle to give a reasoned answer for our trust in Jesus. The same can be true for second generation Christians who have known nothing but Jesus; how can they know that Jesus is who He says He is, or that the Bible is real? After all doesn’t every faith claim to be ‘the way’ and the ‘truth’.

Here are four things the Bible gives us that are ‘objective’ reasons that it is what it claims to be – the Word of God. Read more

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My Letter To The King James Version


Dear KJV,

It has been a while since we have been together, but I thought it important to get in touch and make my feelings known. You were after all my first, and whilst there have been others since we went our separate ways you have left an indelible mark on my heart – to this day I still quote verses in your vernacular.

Truth be told, you changed the world; for the first time the common people could read God’s written revelation for themselves. Of course you got it wrong at times, but between you and the reformation the truth of the Gospel swept the planet; the Wesleys, Spurgeon and countless others took your message of saving grace into the hearts and lives of millions of ordinary people. Grandmothers and school children could memorise and meditate on the words of Jesus Himself, and for that I thank you. Read more

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Should We Read The Bible Literally?


With the madness of religious fundamentalism as prominent today as it has ever been, should serious Christians take the Bible literally?

 The truth is that no one takes the whole Bible literally, even those who say they do. When did you last see someone chop their hands off when they sinned or poke their eyes out when they looked lustfully at something? (Matthew 5:30) Having said that, is the Bible true?

I want this to be a short post, so the answer is yes?

The Bible isn’t always literally true, but it is true literally.

There is a lot of debate about how we are to interpret the truth of the Bible; for example I personally believe in a literal six day creation, many Christians believe it is a truth literally, not a literal truth. Some people think there is a literal 144,000 witnesses in the book of Revelation, other of us think it is symbolic pointing to a literal truth. 

Read more

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