Good News About Failure

Success failure

There is a temptation for preachers to take the victory of the Gospel beyond the the age that that we live in. The reality is that we all face failure and suffering, but this doesn’t mean that we have failed as Christians or committed some terrible sin. After all, the apostle Paul spent years in prison and was eventually beheaded; was that because he ignored the will of God, or because he followed it?

I have to apologise to the more sensitive, because I do have a bit of a rant 😉

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I’m Back On The Radio

Premier Logo


Okay, it’s not a national FM station but it is a start.

Having prayed for ten years, the owner received an outstanding miracle in the way he obtained a license to broadcast on Freeview and to have a TV channel – these aren’t running yet, but let’s not despise the day of small beginnings.

Premier Live Radio is currently a start up radio station that began a couple of months ago with just six listeners, but now has over 200 followers. There is no doubt that if the numbers continue to multiply at that rate, there will be a substantial audience.

Yours truly has a 3 minute spot every morning at 7:30am GMT and then a half hour on Sunday at 8:00am and Monday at 6:30pm GMT.

The 3 minute programs are already running and based on my coaching and mentoring material, whilst the half hour programs are Bible teaching that is designed to bring confidence and freedom.

The website is currently like a house that is being renovated, lots of potential, but not a lot working. It is usable, but no where near finished. However, if you click on the Live Radio tab you can listen where ever you are in the world. Alternatively, Premier Live Radio also broadcasts over the Tune In app.

Please pray for this exciting venture. The initial response to both of my programs has been very positive, and as always the goal is to equip the saints  so that the outstanding Good News of Jesus Christ is heard the world over.

Go well my friends. 😀


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Good News Ghana!

Hi everyone,Children

As some of you may know I have been at a loose end lately, what with my health and changes to our ministry. A week or two ago I asked the Lord whether he wanted me to teach anymore, or if the season was over. Well last week I received two invitations to speak as well as a trip to Ghana in November being confirmed; I guess that means I won’t be retiring just yet.

Ghana is a wide open door for me, the only limit is my energy and finances. I truly believe I have something to share that will strengthen the church in Ghana, and bring greater joy and more freedom to the believers on the ground. For the first part of the trip I will be speaking at a conference organised by a businessman from the USA; he is sponsoring local leaders who will be attending as well as paying for the expenses of the conference. (We did something similar a few years ago). The second week I am there I will be hosting a leaders conference, which last time brought leaders from over fifty churches, and that was with no advertising! On top of this there will be some radio interviews and perhaps some church visits for those with the courage – ‘Grace’ is a dangerous subject… 😉


LadyTo be able to serve the poor of this world and offer them the dignity and riches that are only available through the good news of Jesus is a massive privilege; there are many who preach a gospel to the people of Ghana that is not the Gospel, and it is my sincere desire to see the reality of the good news of Jesus, the Messiah, flow through the lives and communities of God’s people in this beautiful country. There are literally thousands of small, poor churches; many of them are plagued by superstition and a lack of knowledge. For that reason, I will spend most of my time with groups of leaders; I want to encourage and influence the influencers, hopefully developing some long term relationships as they get excited about what Jesus has done for us.

In the longer term it is still a dream to start and fund a school in Accra; I don’t want to westernise anyone, but the government schools are very limited and not all the children attend. A Christian school in one of the poorer parts of Accra would not only be a great way to disciple some children, but a proper education can help break the cycle of poverty and injustice.

Of course, none of this is without financial implications, and as I cannot make any demands on the folk in Ghana I am asking those friends,who know of Sandra’s and my calling, to consider helping out financially. You know, as well as I do, that those who give to the poor are actually lending to the Lord, and he promises to repay, which is why I have the boldness to ask for your help. Please do not feel under any sort of compulsion, you need to respond only if you want to; having said that please do pray for the trip whether you can help financially or not.

The budget is going to be something in the region of £2,200 – the lions share of that being flights and lodgings. I need to use hotels when I am in Ghana, not out of some sense of self-importance, but because in most cases it is too much of an imposition to stay with local people; they would be stretched too much financially to keep me. I also like to pay for any fuel, as well as keeping stocked up with bottled water – not even the locals trust the tap water!Boys

Approximate Budget

Return Flights £850
Insurance £50
Visa £100
Vaccinations £100
Board £700
Petrol £100
Venue £150
Refreshments for Delegates £150

If you are able to help please make cheques payable to:

Redemption Ministries’, PO Box 352, Stevenage, Herts. SG1 9AG

Or go online

Account Number 00565494, Sort Code 30-93-05.

Redemption is a registered charity so we can claim tax back on all gifts from employed folk who pay tax; for those who are self employed or directors your gift can be given before tax.

Thanks so much for reading this far 😀

Love always,





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The Same Sex Marriage Debate


There has been a lot of emotions running very high over this debate. In this post I want to put forward the arguments from both sides in as clear a way as I possibly can, hopefully allowing people to see what is what. Because my job is to write in an uncomplicated and as brief a way as possible  (though that has proven difficult in this case)I haven’t included Scripture references or a list of resources; these can be easily found for both sides of the argument if needed.

 A word here to the wise; if you want to comment on this post please be civil and offer well thought out arguments or agreements. Overly emotional, hateful or ignorant comments from either side will be deleted both on my blog and Face Book page. Read more

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Small is the New Big

Church as we know it in the West isn’t working; I don’t mean people don’t enjoy themselves (as that seems to be the main directive), some do. What I am talking about is our prime directive to go into all the world and make disciples, our current understanding of church is most certainly failing in this respect. It was this understanding that caused me to make such a radical shift of direction in my life. Whilst I really don’t have all the answers I feel I am closer to what Jesus had in mind when He said ‘church’ than when I ‘pastoring’.

Read more

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The Mythology Of Church Leadership



Myth – “an unproved or false collective belief that is used to justify a social institution.”

John Maxwell (who told me that he is my friend) says that “everything rises and falls on leadership”, and you know what? He is absolutely right. Everything from our schools to our homes, from our businesses to our sports teams need to be led – The thing is what should church leadership really look like. Does the Bible give any clues, should we be like a corporation or is that the very opposite of what the Jesus had in mind? Read more

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Don’t Call It Church!

We have all heard it again and again, following Jesus is a relationship and not a religion – To this I say a hearty “amen”. The thing is how does this pan out in our daily living, do we ‘follow Jesus in the way’ or ‘visit Him on a Sunday’? Ironically, the very thing that advertises as being a help can actually be very detrimental to following after the Lord Jesus; I am of course talking about church. Read more

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Discipleship shortcuts for kids… that don’t work!

Is Sunday School enough?

It is time to be realisitc in our expectations concerning our ministry to children. Here are some of the shortcuts, all of which in themselves are fine, but cannot deliver on the unrealistically high expectations of parents and many church goers. 

Children’s Church

Children’s Church is not a magic cure for worldliness; there is no Scriptural command where God promises that your children will be on fire for Him if you send them. Children’s Church can be a blessing if used properly, but we cannot expect a weekly session on ‘being kind’ or the story of ‘David and Goliath’ to somehow combat everything the children have learned in school; no matter how dynamic the workers. They cannot be expected to download a proper worldview, correct presuppositions, genuine interpretations of Scripture, a living experience of the risen Christ in an hour, including a break for drink and biscuits; that expectation is to say the least, unfair and totally unrealistic.

If children’s church was enough then our congregations would be bursting, because we have done Sunday School for over a hundred years, and we have had a lot of children in that time. Read more

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What’s The Church’s Problem With Women? Part 9

Does she have to submit no matter what?


I don’t know about you but I have seen Christian women oppressed, humiliated, assaulted and dominated by their husbands. I have spoken in churches where the pastor’s wife could not sit at the front with her husband, I have spoken into cultures where the wife must walk behind her husband and all because the Bible says so… yeah right!

Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. Ephesians 5:22

I think if we are honest, the above Scripture and the similar one in Colossians are generally interpreted as “wife, do as I say, when I say and how I say because God has given me authority over you”. This interpretation comes in varying extremes, but a large percentage of the Christian male population expect their wives to do as they say.

I have heard wives say “I am really trying to submit” when  their husbands are acting like total fools.

Read more

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What’s The Church’s Problem With Women? Part 8

Joint heir or little helper?

“And I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence.

1 Timothy 2:12 NKJV

 “Woman, submit to the word of God and shut-up!”

“Woman, how dare you try to challenge my headship, you will submit to my authority.”

To this day in the western world, women are silenced, beaten and intimidated in the name of so called biblical authority. The tragedy is that women have suffered for generations in the name of a lie. This lie has appealed to the basest desires in men, and flourishes wherever men pursue religion over truth.

Read more

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