Intentional Living

Dr John C. Maxwell

“What if you could do anything you wanted to make the world better?”  John C. Maxwell tweet

A Million Strong Movement

John Maxwell’s latest publication, Intentional Living, is so much more than a book, it is rapidly becoming a movement; the goal is to have 1m people share stories of significance from across the world. As you have read this far I would guess that you are either a person who understands that success is too low a goal in life, or you have arrived at success and found that it isn’t enough.

To live intentionally is not to deny the place and importance of success in our careers and business, but to practice living in such a way that we live lives of significance. Intentional living is to bring ourselves in line with our gifts and calling and to truly add value to other people.

What Is Your Dream?

What does it mean to live your dreams? Sitting by a pool, a private jet, or is it knowing that our lives matter? Intentional Living will help you discover three things that determine the purpose for which we were created: what is it that makes us sing, what makes us cry and what makes us dream? Once we are conscious of what brings us joy, what breaks our heart and what inspires us to step out in faith, we can live with passion and discover a fulfilment in life that the majority of people aren’t even aware of.

Twenty Questions

For some inspiration about what your dreams could do for you and for others, click here to answer 20 simple questions, and you will immediately receive 3 practical suggestions that could make all the difference to someone else as well as yourself.

The 7 Day Experiment

To really get a flavour of Intentional Living, why not sign up for the 7 Day Experiment. Simply enter your name and email (you won’t be spammed) to have John speak to you for a couple of minutes each day and give you ideas for small things that can make a really big difference.

Once you have finished the 7 Day Experiment you will know if Intentional Living is for you. Also, you will be invited to purchase John’s book and take part in the 30 Day Journey video course, a much more in depth and immersive experience. But, if you are really serious about making a difference, then consider being a part of one of my mastermind groups, which will have the book and the 30 Day Journey included (saving you shipping from the USA), as well as two complimentary one on one coaching sessions.

Join Me As We Experience Intentional Living Together

Intentional Living in a Mastermind group will be amazing. The synergy, energy and excitement that we will all bring is going to make progress and personal breakthroughs almost inevitable. I host regular groups, both on line and at my office; or I can come and host one for you. Contact me for more details through my JMT site. Or use the Get in touch tab at the top of this page.


A Word To Pastors and Leaders

Mark Neale
Mark Neale

Intentional living is really about the Great Commandment, it is about learning to move with what God has said and see God’s kingdom on earth as in heaven. Something I know is that when we give an account of our lives, neither the size of our bank balance or congregation will mean very much; the questions we will have to answer will be along the lines of, who did you help, what difference did you make?

Imagine your church or group spending 30 days being encouraged and empowered to make a difference in the lives of those around them. Then again, what possibilities would be unleashed by a group of leaders who really understand intentionality?

Why not have a thirty day focus on Intentional Living and see the difference it makes? Please do get in touch and we can look at some exciting and creative ideas to release people into the power of intentional living.

John Speaking On Intentional Living


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