The John Maxwell Team

Why does a Bible teacher become  an Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team? Because success in anything is 15% of what you know and 85% personal, interpersonal and leadership skills. This means that we can have amazing Bible knowledge and fail at communicating the Good News; we can have career, businesses and ministries that are not as effective as they should be because we are relying too much on our 15%.

My passion is helping people get from where they are to where they want to be, and I have and incredible tool box of workshops, seminars, training materials, as well as an exceptionally powerful and a proven coaching process. For anybody who wants to take themselves or their organisation to the next level, I would be honoured to serve you.

Having sold around 27 million books, John Maxwell has been repeatedly voted the worlds number 1 leadership expert and unashamedly teaches how every principle and law are from within the pages of the Bible. All of the material used by John Maxwell team members has been crafted by John over the last forty years and been proven to deliver exceptional results time and time again in both industry and ministries.

For more information about how these materials can impact individuals, companies and churches please click on the photo to visit my John Maxwell Team website.Be sure to check out the Special Offers page, as some of the material is free of charge and delivered by John himself.


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