7 Reasons Why People Should Be Protected From Prayer Advert


There are some very good reasons why corporate powers banned the Lord’s Prayer from being advertised in our cinemas.

1 – Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be your name

Do we really want the claim that there is a moral and holy God, unleashed into our corporate and entertainment worlds? People might get the idea that their lives do matter and that they should live intentionally.

2 – Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Why would we want people to get there are eyes off of themselves and onto a call to see the will of God in the earth? A God who got himself killed when he stood against the prevailing culture of his time. We need people deep inside their comfort zones and seeing the world as we want them to see it.

3 – Give us this day our daily bread.

Daily bread, seriously? Corporations need you to want a lot more than that, so that we can all survive.

4 – And forgive us our sins.

Who are you to say we have sin, why do we need need forgiving? Go and talk to a terrorist or someone.

5 – As we forgive those who sin against us.

Get real! Kill, bribe or subdue your enemies. What sort of world would it be if we simply promoted love and reconciliation?

6 – Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Please don’t put the mediaeval idea of evil on us, we grew out of that years ago. Good and evil are obsolete, we want people to choose what they feel, the world is as it should be, do not give people the idea that their God would intervene and make a difference.

7 – For your is the kingdom, the power and glory, for ever and ever.

Seriously? A heavenly kingdom in the earth, now? A Supreme Being overflowing with power and glory, who lives beyond the reach of space and time. No chance… Is there?

Seriously folks…

Alright, I don’t agree with anything I have just said, and let’s be honest, I was being a tad cynical. But the arguments that come forward against the advert will have such thoughts in the background, or perhaps they will say we don’t want Mormons and Muslims advertising etc.. The reality is, man doesn’t want God interfering, but then we see the appalling acts of evil such as in Paris and suddenly #prayforparis starts to trend, just as the the Church of England prepare to release their Just Pray campaign. Why would people who believe there is no God, purpose or existence beyond the material want to pray? Because in our heart of hearts we know there is more to life regardless of what we say; atheists, deists and new age followers all pray when life becomes unexplainable.

I think that whatever the outcome, with what I believe to be a sensitive and well thought out advert, we need to remember that Jesus isn’t a religious brand competing among others; instead He is the worlds true Lord, He is crowned King and has unleashed God’s new creation plan smack bang in the middle of the old one. The world is looking for answers, peace, hope, love and meaning, and God gave us Jesus.

The C of E have had a really good thought, perhaps we should all, Just Pray. tweet

Go well my friends 😀

If this has helped please share, and if you want the advert seen by more people use #justpray in your social media.



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