Now You Are In Christ

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When we turn to God and put our faith in Jesus we receive a whole new identity, our old man was crucified with Christ and we share in the resurrection life of Jesus Himself. The struggle of course is that our bodies are not yet renewed and so we have a fight between our old programming (the flesh) and the Holy Spirit who now lives in us. The secret to life transformation is found in Romans 12:2, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. As we come to terms with what Jesus has done for us and believe it over and above what we feel, we get a whole new outlook on life. This outlook is not a ticket away from challenges and struggles, in fact in one sense the opposite is true, but, and it is a big but, we face life on different terms, with different values and a whole new perspective on just how good God really is; and of course we have a future brimming over with hope. No matter what comes our way, no devil, no tragedy, no suffering can separate us from God or deny us our place in the resurrection. Read more

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Radical Grace 4 – Podcast

The work of Jesus is so much more than the work of Adam, and whilst what have today in Christ is outstanding there is so much more to come. Everything God has in Christ is free and to be recived without works.

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Go well my friends 🙂


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Give Up!

There is absolutely no point in making any effort to appease God for your sins. The simple fact is you don’t have the right currency and you can’t afford it. The demands for sin are so far out of our league that it is ridiculous to even attempt to satisfy God’s displeasure at our sin. The Scripture is clear, the wages of sin is death, and that bill can only be satisfied with blood. Yet people continue their sensless toil in an attempt to appease God day in and day out.

 I hear ministers telling people to attend their church so that God will bless them; or perhaps to give an offering or even to serve more in the church. Other churches say that prayers must be repeated, forgiveness sought and special measures must be applied to a person’s life so that God will forgive them.

 The whole thing is a monumental waste of time!

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