Help Me Overcome My Unbelief!


faithMost of us are aware that God responds to faith. The way to salvation is not through religious works but trust (faith) in God. Jesus congratulated people for their faith and rebuked other for the lack of it.

I think the biggest challenge to prayer and seeing God move is our unbelief, and I don’t mean that in a cruel or condemning way. I look at some of what I need in my life, I think about the people Sandra and I pray for and there are some very difficult things to deal with.

The problem we face is not a lack of goodness on God’s side, it is just the fact that we are not sure we can trust God to move in these areas. We find ourselves caught between believing in God and yet not believing at the same time.

The good news is that none of us are alone in these things. In Mark 9:14-29 we read the story of Jesus coming down from the Mount of Transfiguration and facing a boy afflicted by a demon, who the disciples were unable to help.

There is a lot going on here, but for now look at the father’s desperate cry; those of us with children can relate to this. Perhaps disappointed by the disciple’s failure, he looks to Jesus and asks, “if you can do anything’. Jesus’ response and value of the individual is amazing. He gives a gentle but real rebuke and says, “If I can?”. The following verse is amazing, but brings with it huge responsibility. “Everything is possible to the person who believes!”

Harold_Copping_Jesus_Heals_The_Epileptic_Boy_400“I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief”. That cry has reflected the experience of millions of followers for 2,000 years and still does today. Look at how Jesus responds, despite the faithless crowd, despite the father’s self-confessed unbelief, he helps a struggling dad take that first difficult step into trusting God when circumstances are beyond his control. The outcome? Jesus comes through where others failed.

Of course, we have only looked at one aspect of this multi-layered story and there is more to come in the proceeding verses. But for now, what are you facing that is beyond your trust level? What is there you know God can do, but are afraid to ask? Well perhaps you can join us and countless others in confessing to God that you do believe, and then asking for His intervention to help you overcome your unbelief. You may not see and immediate breakthrough (though you might), but God will immediately go to work in your life, the outcome of which will be amazing.

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Go well my friend.

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