Small is the New Big

Church as we know it in the West isn’t working; I don’t mean people don’t enjoy themselves (as that seems to be the main directive), some do. What I am talking about is our prime directive to go into all the world and make disciples, our current understanding of church is most certainly failing in this respect. It was this understanding that caused me to make such a radical shift of direction in my life. Whilst I really don’t have all the answers I feel I am closer to what Jesus had in mind when He said ‘church’ than when I ‘pastoring’.

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Radical Grace 5 – Tough Questions


What about the Scriptures that talk about being lost, sinning against the Holy Spirit or being cast into darkness? If we are truly saved by grace what are these Scriptures talking about? Once we recognise our presuppositions things start to make sense.

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Go well my friends 🙂

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What Must I Do To Get God To Bless Me?

What makes God bless us?

If the world quit sinning what would happen? If mankind stopped stealing, murdering and lying, if the gay community went straight and religious zealots stopped blowing people up, surely then God would bless the nations and we could all enjoy a better life, wouldn’t we? The short answer – No!

What we are

A common misunderstanding about sin is that people believe it is exclusively what they do – not so. Sin is just as much about what we are! Sinning doesn’t make us sinners, being a sinner makes us sin. Sin is as much about our actions as it is about our nature. Read more

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How Can Our Kids Know Christ?

How can we help our children to know God?


Every believing parent’s desire has to be for their children to know God for themselves. A few parents may be more worried about their family tradition and or their public standing; but for the most of us we just want our kids to know Jesus.

I have the privilege of having two adult sons who are not ashamed of their faith in Jesus. In this post I want to share their perspective on coming to faith in the hope that it might help some of you with growing children. Read more

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Why Christian Education?

Why do we go to all the trouble, expense 
What makes a good education?

and stress of Christian Education; let alone encourage others to do the same, when the children could go to state schools free of charge?

My wife Sandra and I have been involved in Christian education for about fourteen years. We started by home educating our two sons when they were 10 and 12; today we oversee two schools with students aged 4-16, some will be with us until they are 18, when they will go on to university. In this article I will be talking about Christian Schools, but what I will share also applies to home educating.

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