Things That Make Jesus Angry

It might be hard for us to come to come to terms with, but Jesus does get angry. I don’t mean He loses the plot and becomes the slave of an emotion warped by sin, but He does get angry and seeing as He is the same yesterday, today and forever, we would do well to be aware of what hacks Him off.


Whilst on His way to Jerusalem Jesus confronted a fruitless fig tree – Read more

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How Can Our Kids Know Christ?

How can we help our children to know God?


Every believing parent’s desire has to be for their children to know God for themselves. A few parents may be more worried about their family tradition and or their public standing; but for the most of us we just want our kids to know Jesus.

I have the privilege of having two adult sons who are not ashamed of their faith in Jesus. In this post I want to share their perspective on coming to faith in the hope that it might help some of you with growing children. Read more

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Discipleship shortcuts for kids… that don’t work!

Is Sunday School enough?

It is time to be realisitc in our expectations concerning our ministry to children. Here are some of the shortcuts, all of which in themselves are fine, but cannot deliver on the unrealistically high expectations of parents and many church goers. 

Children’s Church

Children’s Church is not a magic cure for worldliness; there is no Scriptural command where God promises that your children will be on fire for Him if you send them. Children’s Church can be a blessing if used properly, but we cannot expect a weekly session on ‘being kind’ or the story of ‘David and Goliath’ to somehow combat everything the children have learned in school; no matter how dynamic the workers. They cannot be expected to download a proper worldview, correct presuppositions, genuine interpretations of Scripture, a living experience of the risen Christ in an hour, including a break for drink and biscuits; that expectation is to say the least, unfair and totally unrealistic.

If children’s church was enough then our congregations would be bursting, because we have done Sunday School for over a hundred years, and we have had a lot of children in that time. Read more

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Why Christian Education?

Why do we go to all the trouble, expense 
What makes a good education?

and stress of Christian Education; let alone encourage others to do the same, when the children could go to state schools free of charge?

My wife Sandra and I have been involved in Christian education for about fourteen years. We started by home educating our two sons when they were 10 and 12; today we oversee two schools with students aged 4-16, some will be with us until they are 18, when they will go on to university. In this article I will be talking about Christian Schools, but what I will share also applies to home educating.

Read more

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