Grace – The Purity of The Gospel



The purity of the Gospel is not found in our efforts to live right, but the refusal to add anything to the good news. When the message of Jesus is contaminated with religion and self effort we end in fear and spiritual paralysis. Don’t be intimidated, rather stand unashamed of the truth that what Jesus did was enough to make you right with God.

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Go well my friends 🙂

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I Just Want To Be Happy

It is the New Year and the social media will be awash with apparent ‘pearls of wisdom’ on how next year can be your best. I am sure the self-help books will see an increase in sales as those inspired by the season look to improve themselves – And let’s be honest there is no shortage of help out there; apparently our angels, departed loved ones, position of your furniture, daily mantra’s, understanding your chakra and being nice to small animals are all essential keys. If that is the case I have neither the time or the energy to be happy.

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God Says “I Will” – Radical Grace 5 Podcast


Under the Old Covenant the pressure was on for us to fulfil its terms and conditions;  failure to do so could bring dire consequences. Under the New Covenant the story changes from God saying “thou shalt” to “I will”. The pressure of the New Covenant is born by God Himself. It is God that saves us, God that keeps us and God who will raise us. 




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Christmas Thoughts That Make Your Head Go ‘Tilt’.

 Okay, so I actually like Christmas – I know I’m not supposed to, I am after all middle aged, supposedly grumpy and beyond all that sentimental stuff. In a way I suppose I am, but the thing about Christmas is that there is a truly awesome reality behind it. Just like Easter or Pentecost the celebrations are just the shadow that speaks of a reality that has forever altered the course of time, space and all creation. Read more

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Radical Grace 5 – Tough Questions


What about the Scriptures that talk about being lost, sinning against the Holy Spirit or being cast into darkness? If we are truly saved by grace what are these Scriptures talking about? Once we recognise our presuppositions things start to make sense.

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Go well my friends 🙂

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What Must I Do To Get God To Bless Me?

What makes God bless us?

If the world quit sinning what would happen? If mankind stopped stealing, murdering and lying, if the gay community went straight and religious zealots stopped blowing people up, surely then God would bless the nations and we could all enjoy a better life, wouldn’t we? The short answer – No!

What we are

A common misunderstanding about sin is that people believe it is exclusively what they do – not so. Sin is just as much about what we are! Sinning doesn’t make us sinners, being a sinner makes us sin. Sin is as much about our actions as it is about our nature. Read more

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