The God Who Camps With His People


 I hear of some Christians, who disregard or dislike the Old Testament, they say things like “God is so angry” or “God is so unjust in His treatment of people”. When people say this to try and undermine the Scripture, what they tell me is that they don’t understand the Old Testament, and confuse their ignorance with God’s character. The reality is of course that the Old Testament contains the history, reason and revelation of the New, and as we understand more about it, the New Testament starts to stand out in vivid multi-dimensional colour.

The writers of the New Testament really knew what they were doing and were capable of using individual words to convey a truckload of imagery and meaning, which can empower us to really grasp the magnitude of what God has done. A great example of this is in John 1:14, where we read that Jesus “made His dwelling among us” NIV, or as the ESV says “dwelt among us”. Clearly, this is amazingly good news, but if we look a little deeper the picture becomes even more exciting. Read more

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Can I experience more of God’s presence?

Can I experience more of God’s presence?

Many believers attend meetings because they are hungry for the presence of God, the question is are they experiencing it? And if so what is the procedure to get God to turn up? Can we attract God by our worship, does our prayer create an environment that is attractive for Him?

There is no doubt in mind that people can experience extraordinary manifestations of God’s presence. Many of you reading this will have your own experiences and testimonies of the presence of God in your lives; history is full of people having remarkable experiences. But what do we mean when we say “the presence of God”?

 Goose bumps and breezes

I think it is fair to say that for the most part, people talk about being moved in a worship time or feeling something go through their body. The thing is, is that necessarily the presence of God? Read more

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