You Are Already Blessed – Last in series

blessed editThis is the final part in our series about the reality, that because we in Christ we are already blessed. Ephesians chapter 1 is a an amazing torrent of praise and revelation about the staggering work that Jesus did for us through His death and resurrection. In this program we focus on the fact that we are sealed, that as a part of His New Creation God has put His mark of ownership on us.

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David & Goliath; So What?


What has a shepherd boy chopping off the head of a supposed giant about 3,000 years ago got to do with us in the 21st century? Is it any wonder that so many Christians are abandoning the Bible as their source of truth; after all how can there be any connection between us and an Iron Age culture from the Middle East, surely it is irrelevant, isn’t it? 

Of course is you have read any of my posts you know that I take the Bible very seriously, but the above question is fair. I think the disconnect comes from a general misunderstanding of what the Gospel is; but once we start to see the big picture all those ‘Sunday School Stories’ start to become very relevant. Read more

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The Fuel of Terrorism


After a week on the amazing continent of Africa I have seen extremes in several directions – from people kissing the shoes of their favorite ‘man of God’ to God supernaturally mending broken hearts, the appalling murders of Christians to the joyous celebration of a newly wed couple. I have witnessed heart rending poverty and then opulence that makes even a Westerner like me gag; I have delighted in seeing the tears of joy as people come to realise how much they are loved but then have seen others refusing to relent in their religiosity and ministry of condemnation. Read more

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Now You Are In Christ

girl on the beach

When we turn to God and put our faith in Jesus we receive a whole new identity, our old man was crucified with Christ and we share in the resurrection life of Jesus Himself. The struggle of course is that our bodies are not yet renewed and so we have a fight between our old programming (the flesh) and the Holy Spirit who now lives in us. The secret to life transformation is found in Romans 12:2, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. As we come to terms with what Jesus has done for us and believe it over and above what we feel, we get a whole new outlook on life. This outlook is not a ticket away from challenges and struggles, in fact in one sense the opposite is true, but, and it is a big but, we face life on different terms, with different values and a whole new perspective on just how good God really is; and of course we have a future brimming over with hope. No matter what comes our way, no devil, no tragedy, no suffering can separate us from God or deny us our place in the resurrection. Read more

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We Are Free From The Law

Hi All,ten commandments

There is seems to be much confusion as to where the law of Moses fits in the life of the believer – to cut a long story short, it doesn’t. But to help bring understanding I thought it would be good to let the Bible speak for itself, here are a list of Scriptures that explain what the law is about; I will be doing some videos on a number of these. I have to say thanks to Phil Drysdale for the inspiration behind these, his site is definitely worth checking out.


All the Scriptures are from the NAS, but you can have fun looking at different translations. Read more

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Radical Grace 5 – Tough Questions


What about the Scriptures that talk about being lost, sinning against the Holy Spirit or being cast into darkness? If we are truly saved by grace what are these Scriptures talking about? Once we recognise our presuppositions things start to make sense.

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Go well my friends 🙂

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Being found with no righteousness of my own.


There are only two kinds of 
righteousness available to us; that which is gifted to us by God and self-righteousness – One is the gift of life and the other a deadly poison.

Most of us rightly see self-righteousness as a negative, especially in other people; we will
say things like “she is so self-righteous, who does she think she is?” A self-righteous person demands certain things because they believe they are entitled to it because of what they have done; in their mind they should be treated in a certain way because they are happy with their performance. The problem is that the rest of us may not be so impressed. Read more

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What Must I Do To Get God To Bless Me?

What makes God bless us?

If the world quit sinning what would happen? If mankind stopped stealing, murdering and lying, if the gay community went straight and religious zealots stopped blowing people up, surely then God would bless the nations and we could all enjoy a better life, wouldn’t we? The short answer – No!

What we are

A common misunderstanding about sin is that people believe it is exclusively what they do – not so. Sin is just as much about what we are! Sinning doesn’t make us sinners, being a sinner makes us sin. Sin is as much about our actions as it is about our nature. Read more

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Radical Grace 3

Radical Grace Podcast 3

Grace is not just a doctrine or study topic, it is a part of who God is, His very nature. Because of what Jesus did we will never be separated or rejected by our heavenly Father. Grace means that sin no longer has dominion over us, no matter what others might say. You are no longer under law, you are saved by grace!

Go well my friends 🙂


PS. If you open the player in a new window you can carry on surfing and listen to me at the same time. Cool eh? 🙂

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