Good News About Failure

Success failure

There is a temptation for preachers to take the victory of the Gospel beyond the the age that that we live in. The reality is that we all face failure and suffering, but this doesn’t mean that we have failed as Christians or committed some terrible sin. After all, the apostle Paul spent years in prison and was eventually beheaded; was that because he ignored the will of God, or because he followed it?

I have to apologise to the more sensitive, because I do have a bit of a rant 😉

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Why Do Drug Lords Have Nice Cars?


“Good behaviour attracts blessing”  is a phrase that someone used in Google that led him or her to this site. But that being the case, why do drug lords have nice cars?

I understand where they are coming from, after all everyone wants to enjoy blessings, and if there is a key to receiving them then lets go for it. But is it that straightforward, if I do good, good comes; but if I do bad bad things happen? Read more

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Religion and Church Don’t Mix

When the kids get sick, you lose your job, someone you love dies, your house gets flooded or whatever, it is absolutely vital that you understand that these have no bearing on how God feels about you. Let’s ask ourselves a question, was Jesus’ sufferings a sign that God was displeased with Him because He fell short in His performance? Did Paul suffer more before or after He chose to follow Jesus? I am not saying that all life is supposed to be bad and that we shouldn’t do our best, but I am saying a challenge free, pain free, get my own way all the time utopia in this life is nothing more than a flesh inspired, childish pipe dream.

In so many places today God is seen as a means to get the comfy life we desire, many agree to His commands as a way to live a better life. The problem with this is that we take God’s call to holiness and reduce it to a formula for success; the irony being of course that because of this we often become total spiritual failures. This is however a very tricky line to walk because without doubt God answers our prayers, He blesses us with provision, healing and all kinds of marvellous works but these do not guarantee us the Hollywood Celebrity Lifestyle we so often crave.

Read more

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