Why Do Drug Lords Have Nice Cars?


“Good behaviour attracts blessing”  is a phrase that someone used in Google that led him or her to this site. But that being the case, why do drug lords have nice cars?

I understand where they are coming from, after all everyone wants to enjoy blessings, and if there is a key to receiving them then lets go for it. But is it that straightforward, if I do good, good comes; but if I do bad bad things happen?

Is a life without trouble as simple as being obedient to God?

Before we dive headlong into a new plan for increased blessing, we should pause to ask a few questions.

Are we to assume that tragedy only strikes those who have committed evil?

Why do we see wicked people with money and health?

Are we to tell the mother with terminally ill baby that she or her child sinned?

Once we look at questions like this we realise that we are looking at things the wrong way. In fact what we are talking about is Karma, which is the complete opposite of grace. Grace is God giving us what we don’t deserve, where as Karma is us claiming what we think we should deserve.

If we think about the disciples who asked Jesus about whose sin caused a man to be born blind, Jesus didn’t talk about blame; he spoke about the glory of God. (John 9:1-3)When we find people who are sick, struck by tragedy our reaction should be to help them, raise them to their potential and in so doing display God’s Kingdom and kindness.

Why do drug dealers have nice cars?

Because they flout the real needs of the community for personal profit. The harsh reality is that cruel people can have nice things. Sometimes criminals get away with crime and live lives of healthy luxury. Add this to all the natural disasters we see around the world and things can get dangerous.

What is going on?

When Jesus arose from the dead God’s new creation was started; a new creation week if you like – right in the middle of the mess and suffering of history. When we put our faith in Jesus we are blessed at a level that not even death can change and that will be fulfilled when our bodies are resurrected. As a part of God’s new creation we should ask for and desire the best, remembering that our hope is not our health or our bank balance, but the appearing of Jesus. At that time, our bodies will be renewed, the physical creation restored and a new age will begin. But for now, we will continue to see evil, our responsibility is to be a part of God’s answer and not the problem.

Until then…

Revelation_7_17-mobile_1920x1200-594x371Let’s not judge those who suffer hardship and tragedy, but lend a hand and show God’s Kingdom through love and service. And when things happen to us, let’s look to the One who can sustain and even rescue us, secure in the knowledge that one day those of us who are in Christ will have God Himself wipe away every tear.

Go well my friends 😀

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